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40% OFF 40% off some orders март 04
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20% OFF Lifetime dog insurance with a difference - Up to 20% off март 05
20% OFF Enjoy up to 20% savings on Lifetime dog insurance with a difference at Petsure март 05
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Why choose Petsure

There are many reasons to choose Petsure when it comes to insuring your pet:

- They Have a wide range of deductibles and copays to choose from so that you can tailor your coverage to fit your budget. 

- They have a team of experienced veterinarians on staff who can help you determine the best coverage for your pet. 

- They offer a variety of discounts and loyalty programs that can save you money on your premium.

Petsure’s categories

  • Dog insurance

  • Cat insurance

  • Pre-existing conditions

Hot choices

Lifetime dog insurance

If your pet becomes sick or has an accident and needs treatment, pet insurance can help you pay the unexpected vet fees. Additionally, pet insurance can assist with other expenses like paying for your pet's care in an emergency or the cost of locating your pet if it is stolen or goes missing.

Four varieties of pet insurance exist:

- Accident only: solely addresses accidents and harm

- Time limited: covers a condition for 12 months.

- Maximum benefit: protects against a condition up to a maximum vet fee cap (with no time limit)

- Lifetime: starts again each time you renew your coverage and covers continuing conditions up to a vet fee cap.

The best is what your dog deserves. Lifetime dog insurance is the most extensive type of coverage available. You have control when you choose Petsure since it offers up to £15,000 in vet fees, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and the option of having no excess. Additionally, when you select vet charge coverage exceeding £4k with all extra add-ons included, their  dog insurance has a Defaqto 5-star rating.

Lifetime dog insurance has the following advantages:

1. Vet expenses are reimbursed annually up to the coverage limitations.

2. Includes coverage for ongoing or persistent conditions throughout the duration of your insurance.

3. As long as you renew your insurance and there is no interruption in coverage, your policy limitations reset annually.

Some insurance companies won't cover elderly dogs. However, with us, there are no upper age restrictions. They only ask that your puppy be older than 4 weeks. In the event that you must make a claim, several insurers impose obligatory contributions. When your dog reaches a specific age, often 8 years old, these are paid on top of your excess payment and are typically referred to as "co-payments". With us, the decision is always yours. You have the authority to choose how much you're willing to spend if you need to make a claim when you set up your dog insurance. Additionally, it helps keep your premium low.

Lifetime cat insurance

It's time for cat insurance to transform and return control to you. Select a lifetime vet fee cap of up to £15,000, even if your cat has health issues. As long as you keep renewing your policy with us, your lifetime cat insurance cover limits will reset annually with no cap on the number of claims per condition.

Your kitten can be covered by pet insurance as early as four weeks old. Even with kittens that are discovering a new environment, accidents can occur at any time. You'll be responsible for covering the entire vet bill yourself since they don't have access to free healthcare. You can decide when to purchase cat insurance, but doing so exposes your kitten to risk.

To your insurance, you can add an optional Missing Pet protection. This helps you find your cat by covering the cost of advertising and providing a reward for their safe return. If your cat is taken, lost, or stray and you aren't reunited with it within 30 days, this will cover you up to the market worth of your cat or your cover amount.

Lifetime pet cover for pre-existing conditions

It's time to draw attention to canines and felines who already have health issues. Up to £15,000 in lifetime insurance is available. The decision is always yours, even though your pet has a pre-existing disease that is treatable. Even for older dogs and cats, non-compulsory co-payments put the power back in your paws.

Here is how you can get pre-existing conditions cover for your pet:

- You will be required to list any recent medical conditions your pet has had when requesting a quote. You'll also respond to a few inquiries on their present state of health. The coverage can be modified to meet both your financial needs and the needs of your pet.

- Choose your preferred level of vet fee protection up to £15,000, decide if you want to pay an excess (and how much), and select any add-ons that interest you.

- Never worry about unanticipated expenses. You will be given a clear and reasonable price for your policy if your pet is eligible for coverage. Your protection can begin right away if you move from your existing provider to Petsure.

- Has your dog or cat ever experienced an ailment like FIV, pneumonia, arthritis, or abscesses? These are a few of the ailments that have been discussed for various animals. Your pet can continue being their adventurous selves while you have peace of mind.

Any ongoing care for a preexisting condition is not something they would cover. When they say this, they're referring to any further medications, ongoing therapy procedures, scans or tests, or scheduled consultations that were known when you decided to get insurance from us. Additionally, if your pet is scheduled for surgery or has an undiscovered ailment at the time you purchase coverage, they do not cover any pre-existing conditions. They will pay for deteriorating symptoms as well as any new ones that arise from previously acknowledged and disclosed pre-existing disorders in your pet.

Petsure perks

You should face it: Your pet is the family's absolute ruler. They also merit special treatment so they can enjoy their greatest lives. When you sign up with Petsure, you'll receive incentives that will help you as a pet owner and keep the man of the house content.

After you join Petsure, you will have free unlimited access to FirstVet! Using the FirstVet app, pet owners may communicate virtually with veterinarians who are licensed in the UK. Utilising FirstVet is always available to you and doesn't count as a claim.

If necessary, FirstVet can provide guidance, treatment suggestions, and referrals to your neighbourhood veterinary clinic. They can assist with the following kinds of issues:

  • Vomiting and diarrhoea

  • Eye and ear problems

  • Poisoning

  • Coughing and sneezing

  • Itching and skin problems

  • Minor injuries and accidents

At the same time, contact your neighbourhood veterinarian if your pet is critically hurt or needs immediate medical attention, and let them know as soon as possible if you need to file a claim.

Everyone with a Petsure policy may use FirstVet. After the start of your coverage, you can register with FirstVet. Additionally, they'll email you additional instructions on how to register with FirstVet. What you need to do is as follows:

- Check your emails: You'll receive an email from them providing FirstVet access soon.

- Add your pets: Add your pets that you have coverage for under "My Pets"

- Book a consultation: To get FirstVet when you need it, just schedule an appointment. Simply inform them about your pet's symptoms before selecting a time.

- Talk to a vet: That's all there is to it. Before your call is scheduled to begin, you'll receive a text message reminder. Just open the app and join your veterinarian's video call!

All in all, you will always be concerned for your pet's well-being, from their youthful misadventures through their carefree senior years (though try telling that to them).

Blue Cross support

For more than 100 years, the UK-based pet charity Blue Cross has provided aid to needy animals and their families. They establish a long-lasting connection of support through programs like: 

- Rehoming

- Veterinary care

- Bereavement help

- Responsible pet ownership education

You are not alone if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you could be mourning the loss of a pet. The accessible and non-judgmental information and support offered by the Pet Bereavement Support Service is for both pets and their owners. Blue Cross may also provide advice on how to console people who have lost pets. They provide helpful advice to anyone wishing to assist a pet owner going through a bereavement or pet loss.

If you join Petsure, you'll have exclusive access to Blue Cross' Pet Bereavement Support Service:

- Trained Blue Cross volunteers are here to help you: Volunteers for the Blue Cross PBSS have also lost pets. They have the necessary training to provide you with emotional support whenever you need it.

- You can discuss and cope with the loss of your dog or cat: This is offered in a setting that is secure, private, and free from criticism.

- You will have access to a special Petsure support line once your cover begins: Blue Cross calls are totally free and don't count as claims against your insurance. This unique number can be found in your MyPetsure Account or by calling their  claims staff at 0333 009 0998.

Petsure's social responsibilities

Petsure is committed to giving back to the animal community and supporting those who dedicate their lives to helping animals. They have a number of initiatives in place to help make a difference, including their  Petsure Gives Back program and their  support of local shelters and rescues.

Petsure Gives Back was created to help fund the important work of animal welfare organisations around the world. To date, they have donated over $1 million to these groups and continue to look for ways to increase their  impact.

They also understand the importance of supporting the work of local shelters and rescues. That's why they offer a discount on their  pet insurance products to these organisations. They know that they are often stretched thin financially, so they hope that this small gesture can help them continue their vital work.

Charities Petsure supports

Petsure believes in giving back to the community and supporting those in need. They are proud to support the following charities:


-The Animal Welfare League


-The Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

They believe that every pet deserves a loving home and these organisations work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need. They are honoured to be able to support their important work.

Petsure's vision and missions

Petsure's vision is to be the world's most trusted and loved pet insurance company. Their mission is to make it easy for pet parents to get the best possible care for their beloved pets. They do this by providing industry-leading pet insurance products, services, and support that give peace of mind to pet parents and help them provide the best possible care for their pets.

Petsure is committed to providing the best possible pet insurance coverage for your furry friends. They understand that your pet is a member of your family, and they want to help you protect them. They offer a variety of different pet insurance plans to fit your needs, and they're always here to answer any questions you may have. Give them a call today, and let them help you keep your pet safe and healthy.

Petsure's values

Petsure is a pet insurance company that is committed to providing the best possible coverage for your pet. They believe that all pets deserve the same level of care and attention, regardless of their species or breed. They are dedicated to providing affordable, comprehensive coverage for all of their  customers' pets.

They believe that every pet is unique and deserves individualised care. They are committed to providing the best possible coverage for each and every one of their  customers' pets. They understand that not all pets are alike, and they tailor their  policies to fit each individual pet's needs.

They want what's best for your pet, and they'll do everything they can to make sure they're always well-protected. With Petsure, you can rest assured knowing that your furry friend is always covered.


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    Step 2. Reveal and copy the code of your choice. Then follow the link to the Petsure online store. Pick up the items that you want to buy and add them to your basket.

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    Step 3. Head to the shopping checkout page and find a box named 'Discount Code' or 'Voucher Code', or 'Promotional Code'. Just put your Discount code into the box and click 'Apply' or 'Submit' to claim the discount codes. Congratulations on your savings!

More About: Petsure

Pets are part of the family and Petsure believes they deserve the same care as everyone else. That's why their goal is to help every cat and dog they can, regardless of their pre-existing health conditions. They are always with the weak. They are fighting for fairness because they believe conditional pets should not be ignored. Join them and end prejudice against pets. Let them raise their hands, paws or paws together and fight for fairness for all. They are so keen to cover pre-existing conditions that they now rock and offer pet insurance for their pets! After all, it's the bare minimum they deserve.

Petsure Buyers Guides

Petsure Buyers Guides

Dog Insurance

A five-star rated company is what every Pet owner wants for their loved ones. Rated almost five stars at TrustPilot from hundreds of real customers and the same at Glassdoor, Pressure is a strongly reputed pet company. Still, thinking that dog insurance is not a good choice to make? To put things into perspective, here is a quick fact for everyone: According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the average yearly cost of pet claims was well above 848 pounds and while this cost is going up, with insurance, one will get peace of mind not for just himself but also for his pooch.

The company provides rich insurance services to pets that are not comprehensive and cover all the expenses for a lifetime. Aside from what it covers, the insurance company also is taken as one of its best and most authentic thanks to its Defaqto 5-star rating, and has got an overwhelming response for its reliable insurance services.

First off, there is no age limit. Any dog can be registered for insurance no matter how old he or she is and has no upper age limit for registration. That is because the company stands for equality and covers all pets regardless of their age and gender (of course). Also, there are no secret and nasty compulsory excesses to keep things simple. This insurance also covers Covers recurring or chronic conditions throughout the lifetime of these insurance policies. If the dog is stolen, the cost of advertising and reward for their safe returns is also covered in these insurances with Missing Pet cover.

Their insurance comes in different plans, the first tone is the Petsure which has a maximum vet fee of fifteen thousand pounds and also covers pre-existing conditions of the pet. There are no compulsory excess and no co-payments for older pets as well. Other plans come with a little variance which are ManyPets, PetPaln, and Waggel. Take advantage of Petsure's amazing 40% discount! Don't miss out - use the promo code when you checkout for even more savings.

Example:Petsure Voucher Codes

  • Lifetime pet cover for pre-existing conditions as low as £10 at Petsure

  • Help centre starting at £70

  • Lifetime cat insurance with a difference from £10

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