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The Woman in Black is a mystical thriller/horror film based on the eponymous novel by English writer Susan Hill. It is the remake of the 1989 film, where the role of Arthur Kipps was played by Adrian Rawlins, who later played James Potter in the Harry Potter series of films. Buy this thriller horror movie at an affordable price via unique The Woman in the Black discount code.

The film takes place at the end of the XIX century. The protagonist is a young lawyer Arthur Kipps, whose wife died during childbirth, leaving his son, sent to a remote province to deal with the documents of the deceased client. In the old house, he must find a will, left after the death of the rich owners. The house is located on an island, and every day the road connecting it to the ground goes underwater at high tide.

The ghosts of the past and the secrets of the nearby village begin to disturb Arthur's place. He learns that a certain "woman in black" hypnotizes children, forcing them to commit suicide. It turns out that this is how she avenges her own son, who drowned in a swamp, whose body was never found. Arthur finds his body, takes him into the house and, overlaid with all the postcards that were written to him by his mother, waits. "Woman in black" appears with a piercing scream, and then disappears. Arthur and Mr. Daley, from the local, who also lost his son, are burying the boy in the grave of his mother, hoping that the "woman in black" will finally calm down. Men think that everything is over.

At the station, Arthur meets his 4-year-old son, Joseph, with a nurse. He orders her to take the tickets for the return trip immediately. Arthur, holding the hand of the child, talks and says goodbye to Mr. Daley, but Joseph gets distracted when he sees the "woman in black" and goes straight to the rails along which the approaching train is traveling. Arthur does not notice the absences of his son, but after finding that he is not there, he looks at the other side of the platform and also sees a "woman in black". Having run after his son, Arthur together with him gets under the wheels of the train. After that, in the other world, he meets his wife and to the question of her son, who is this lady, he answers - "your mommy."

The producers originally planned to release the film in 3D, but then in Hammer Films abandoned the idea. On April 10, 2011, Momentum Pictures released the first trailer for the film on Kapow in London and announced that the film would be released in the UK on February 10, 2012. The official start of the rental took place on February 3, 2012, in Canada and the USA. As distributor Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing reported, Daniel Radcliffe arrived in Moscow on February 15, 2012, to present the film with director James Watkins, the premiere in the United Kingdom took place on March 15, 2012.

Our view about the movie is that what troubles are promised by the gloomy silhouette of a young woman in black attire seen in a graveyard? Perhaps this is the ghost who came to take your immortal soul. By the will of fate, a young lawyer falls into an abandoned village, in which something is obviously happening. Inhospitable local people, a strange abandoned house on the island, mysterious stories about a woman in black - all this scares and at the same time attracts the interest of Arthur Kipps. After a series of terrible and sudden deaths, he realizes that he must unravel the terrible secret of a ghost, the appearance of which promises real grief.

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