Peppa Pig World Discount Codes & Review

If you have small children of preschool age, I'm sure you know Peppa Pig, the cartoon series about a little pig that lives with her parents and her little brother George. When I discovered that there was a park in England dedicated to television and I told my kid about it at home, he did not stop asking when we would go. So an excuse is good for organizing a family trip, why not go to the South of England to see Peppa Pig and thus meet the girl's first travel dream? You can also go to this park with your kids. The most amazing thing is that you can enjoy there at affordable prices using the Peppa Pig World discount code.

If you have small children at home, it sure happens to you like me, and Peppa Pig has invaded everything: you cannot spend a day without running into this nice, naughty little pig, and we dads have not resigned to her and her family. If you are planning to travel with the children to England, the Peppa Pig Theme Park can be a trip that the kids will enjoy a lot. The Peppa Pig Theme Park is located in Romsey, in the county of Hampshire, on the south coast of England. The Peppa Pig World is part of the Paultons Family Theme Park, an amusement park with water games, animals, gardens and classic attractions such as roller coasters, etc.

There is also a huge indoor play area and a muddy puddle park. In addition, Peppa Pig World has a café, and a large store dedicated to the world of Peppa Pig merchandise. The entrance to Peppa Pig World is included in the price of the entrance to the Paultons Family Theme Parks, so with the same income, there is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Children under 1 meter are free, for others the entrance costs £ 27, and there are also family packages with special prices. The Park is always open from April to October, in the other months it has a special calendar so it is advisable to check before traveling. In January it is closed.

Did you like the idea of visiting the Peppa Pig Park and staying a couple of days in the area? This park is located on the outskirts of New Forest in Southampton, very close to London and is part of Paultons Park, a complex full of attractions of 12,000 hectares. Although if you get up early you can go and come back in the day it is also a good idea to take advantage of it to take a walk around the area, so we recommend some hotels near the park.

The Crown Manor House, (8.6 km from the Peppa Pig Park) is a boutique hotel, in a beautiful 15th-century building with beautiful gardens. It is in the center of Lyndhurst so you can walk around the town comfortably. Also, the Passford House Hotel (12 miles from Peppa Pig Park) with family rooms, babysitting, and a fabulous garden with pond included and even a tree house. Moreover, the home of the Pig family is small and is limited to the kitchen, where you can take a picture with the characters (they are large plastic dolls) that are preparing to eat. You can also enter the Nursery of Madame Gazelle and the children can take a picture with Peppa Pig, Madame Gazelle, George Pig, and Susie Sheep.

But if what they want is to meet the characters of the series live and take a picture with them is also possible. Because every day Peppa and her brother George stand at the door of the nursery to greet and take the picture. The best thing is that unlike other sites, here you can take the picture with your own camera.

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