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Ocado is one of the biggest supermarkets in the United Kingdom. It offers a wide variety of products to the people of the UK. Ocado supermarket offers a full range of food and beverages, as well as household items (products for children, soap , laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, sanitation and hygiene products, paper products, paperbacks, indoor plants, pet supplies (dog and cat food , hygiene items, toys , etc.), car goods, greeting cards , cosmetics , dishes, medicines (sold without a prescription), household appliances, etc. Buy any of your favorite product from the aforementioned categories at cut-rate prices through the utilization of Ocado discount code.

Expanding the range of services offered and the presence of non-traditional departments leads to an increase in the rate of turnover. On average, each new department or item opened in this supermarket increases the sale of traditional goods by 2-6 %. Therefore, it also has cooking departments, mini-bakeries, cafeterias, salad bars, pharmacy and flower sections, perfumery and cosmetics departments, service centers (hairdressing, shoe repair, watches, travel agencies, etc.). Additional services are not so much an increase in the rate of turnover as a means to conquer a certain niche in the market and create maximum convenience for customers.

Thus, Ocado supermarkets have an assortment of up to 6.5-7 thousand items, while the share of non-food products in the turnover is no more than 5%, which, compared to other supermarkets having an assortment of 1.5-2 thousand positions, looks very attractive for visitors. However, the management of the chain of stores sees the key to the long-term success of supermarkets in creating maximum convenience for customers.

They are opening their own bakery for baking muffins, currency exchange offices, a grill pavilion, and we are planning to organize primary processing of vegetables and fruits. They form the order service for complex customer service, which can pre-order goods and receives them by the right time; organize weddings, presentations, and other similar events, while not only choosing the right range of products, but we can provide delivery, help you set the tables and serve the banquet.

The composition and main goods of supermarkets are changing. Increasingly, Ocado is expanding the sale of such goods as frozen foods, animal feed, ready-to-cook foods for home cooking of complex dishes, etc. They prepare culinary products in a premise open to reviewing customers, customers can order not only traditional semi-finished products for cooking, but also ask them to prepare or complete them completely: they can warm up or cook the dish at home without much hassle.

Parking is one of the most important conditions for success in a supermarket. Usually, they are made free, but if the supermarket is located on the square of a large shopping center, paid parking is also possible. The parking area is determined by the location of the supermarket and segments of the main buyers. For example, this market located in residential quarters with a large proportion of pensioners and housewives may have parking lots much smaller than suburban and rural shops, in which buyers come in 1-2 times a week.

Much of the goods in Ocado are products of their own production. Thus, Ocado sells over 90% of assortment positions under its own brand, and practically produces all the goods sold through its supermarkets itself. Experts in the field of food trade argue that trading firms do no less important a matter than the actual production of food because it depends on them: whether the client will get access to the goods in time, how and where he buys it and whether he will buy it at all. Moreover, the main responsibility (and not only moral) for the quality of products is borne by Ocado.

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