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Mamma Mia is screen version of the musical of the same name, based on the songs of the famous Swedish band ABBA. The music film of the joint production of the USA and Great Britain was shot by director Phyllida Lloyd. Enjoy watching this movie or download it affordable price using the Mamma Mia discount code. The film takes place on the Greek island of Kalokairi. Sophie Sheridan, 20, is about to marry Skye. The future holiday darkens one thing - Sophie brought up her mother, Donna, and the main character does not know who her father is.

From an accidentally found mother's diary, she learns the names of her mother's three former lovers: Harry Bright, Sam Carmichael, and Bill Anderson. In order to resolve this issue, Sophie secretly invites them to the wedding. After talking with each of the men during the bachelorette party, Sophie is not identified with the name of the father. However, all three are aware of the reasons for the invitation. Everyone could be the father of the future bride and now everyone is ready to lead her to the altar.

Donna meets with Sam, they indulge in memories and feel how old feelings were revived between them. Among the guests who came to the feast, Tanya Cheshm-Lee and Rosie Mulligan turn out to be Donna's old friends, with whom she once sang in the girl group. They are looking for their love on the island and past youth.

Sophie is confused about what is happening and seems to be about to postpone the wedding. Donna explains her daughter's anxiety by panic from future marriage. Sophie reassures her mother and says that she just does not want to repeat the mistakes of her youth and she needs to get to know her fiancé better.

During the wedding ceremony, the bride takes Donna out of the house and announces publicly that she does not know which of the three men the father of Sophie was. Men, in response, agree with the possibility of being fathers by one third. The bride tells the guests that she prefers to postpone the wedding - he and Skye should go on a journey in which they get to know each other better. Sam suddenly offers Donna that the wedding should not be wasted and he is ready to offer her hand and heart.

During the performance of the song "Dancing Queen" (0:37:55), Benny Anderson appears in the film, playing the part on the piano, and in the finale during the performance "Waterloo" (1:38:55 and 1:39:10) in the company Greek gods appear Bjorn Ulvaeus, playing the part on the guitar (disguised as Greek harps). Both musicians are members of the ABBA group.

The script of the picture was written by Catherine Johnson, one of the creators of the original musical. According to Meryl Streep, she dreamed of singing from school, so she almost immediately agreed to participate. Immersed in the atmosphere of the songs "ABBA" for her was like returning to the old beloved home.

Two versions of the film were shot - one with the actors of the musical, the second with movie stars. The members of ABBA, the producers of the film Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson recorded the instrumental component of the songs and consulted the musical director of the production Martin Lowe.

The sound for the music scenes was recorded directly on the set during the take, and not as usual in the studio after the shooting. In some rooms, the artists sang just a few lines during the filming, followed by a studio recording. In the theatrical version of the musical, Bill Anderson, played by Skarscard, bears the name Austin. Perhaps the name has been changed to refer to Benny Anderson.

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