London Eye Discount Codes & Review

The London Eye is a Ferris wheel built in the capital of England to celebrate the millennium. The second name of this attraction is the "Millennium Wheel." You can enjoy here with your family and friends by buying cheaper price tickets. The only thing you need is the London Eye discount code, which is available on the official website of the company. By the time the London Eye was built, it was the tallest observation wheel in the world. Its height is 135 meters from the base. Later, the "London Eye" gave way to a similar attraction in Singapore. It is also planned to build several even higher rides.

A complete revolution of the wheel makes in 30 minutes. Therefore, all people sitting in the cabins manage to enjoy the wonderful view of London from a bird's-eye view. The wheel never stops to load and unload passengers. Visiting London, someone likes to go to museums, someone admires the historical sights, and someone walks through the streets and goes to pubs. But almost all the tourists do not disregard the famous London Eye. Considering that observation platforms and Ferris wheels are generally our favorite places to visit anywhere in the world, we could not miss the London Eye in any way.

I began my journey to the famous attraction with an introduction to its creation. For this, I had to dig a little on the Internet. Those who just want to see a brief help can take a small free program near the box office. It tells the story of the London Eye in several sentences, which begins in 1998 when the fateful meeting of the married couple David Marx and Julia Barfield with the head of British Airways Bob Elling took place.

A few years before, Marx and Barfield (both architects) participated in a competition held by the Sunday Times Company, where they proposed the project for the greatest building of the millennium. Now it may seem strange, but the couple did not manage to win, but they didn't refuse to think about building their own project of a viewing attraction. The constant search for sponsors eventually gave fruit. Moreover, the head of British Airways unexpectedly turned out to be a spouse's neighbor, so the meeting was initially not at all business. Well, after the construction finances were found, the architects set to work.

The construction of the London Eye lasted six years. All these years along the Thames to the construction site, the segments of the future attraction were delivered. There, on special platforms installed on the river, they were collected and gradually created one of the greatest Ferris wheels in Europe. An interesting fact about the London Eye says that the building was originally planned to be temporary and was a kind of experiment. Given that we can still observe the Ferris wheel on the banks of the Thames, the experiment was successful.

Initially, the London Eye became known as the Millennium Wheel, since it was built at the turn of the millennia. Subsequently, in the course of working with sponsors, the London Eye changed its name several times. So for a while, it was known as the British Airways London Eye, and then the Merlin Entertainments London Eye. For three years, official sources have indicated the London Eye as the EDF Energy London Eye. This deal was profitable for both parties.

The company EDF Energy has been installing in the booths of the Ferris wheel TVs and carrying out Wi-Fi. In return, they received an advertisement, adding the name of the company to the name of the London Eye for three years. In 2016, after the expiration of the contract with EDF Energy, the London Eye received the new official name Coca-Cola London Eye, since the Coca-Cola Company became its official sponsor.

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