Kew Gardens Discount Codes & Review

Kew Gardens is without exaggeration the most beautiful park in London. The park is rightly proud of its collection of living plants, which is among the three largest world collections. Kew Garden is located on the south bank of the Thames, the park area of more than 120 hectares. In the park, you can spend a wonderful and informative day with the whole family, especially please visit the park of children. All this can be done at cheaper prices if you manage to get the special Kew gardens discount code.

Westminster Abbey is the most famous and celebrated church in London, inside Westminster there are gravestones of the tomb of kings and queens, famous British people are buried here, such as Handel, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Kipling, Hardy, and a lot of others. Today, all these historical monuments meet tourists, reveal their age-old secrets and secrets. (In parentheses are the prices of entrance tickets in British pounds and in euros).

But London is not only palaces and temples, but it is also Shakespeare's Globus Theater and the royal opera in which Caruso and Chaliapin sang, today there are "golden voices": Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti. Another attraction is street performances, such performances have gained popularity since the days of Shakespeare. One can witness such a show every day at noon in the prestigious Convention Garden district, completely free of charge.

Another reason for pride in London and Londoners is an integral part of the city park. In London, several hundred parks and squares, occupying more than 15% of all urban areas. These are small cozy public gardens, and royal parks, which are of world fame and glory. First of all, it is Kensington Garden, St. James's Park, Regent's Park, which houses the London Zoo, Hyde Park with the famous Speaker's corner, with a statue of Peter Pan and, of course, Lady Diana's fountain.

The Royal Botanical Garden has a two-hundred-year history, over the centuries the landscape of the park has been carefully thought out. The garden of George III and the 18th century Chambers Pagoda, which are open to tourists, can be found in the garden, and you can enjoy the beauty of lawns and alpine gardens, elegant flower beds and small lakes for hours.

In Kew Gardens are located three huge greenhouses. The Palm House greenhouse was built in the time of Queen Victoria, it allows you to enjoy the flowering of camellias and orchids in January, to see many tropical plants. The second greenhouse "House of Temperate Climate" boasts rhododendrons, tea trees, as well as a 150-year-old wine palm, the birthplace of which is Chile.

The most modern Orangery of the Princess of Wales is rightly proud of the Amazonian giant water lily and titanic amorphophallus, a plant with the largest flower in existence. A botanical platform for the youngest is organized in Kew Gardens, which introduces children to its exposition "Creepers and creeping plants."

A day spent in the park flies by. You can visit the lovely garden with a bridge thrown over the stream, in the so-called Secluded Garden. You can broaden your knowledge of botany by familiarizing yourself with a rubber tree, cocoa, papaya, durian, mango, and many other exotic plants.

The administration of London is taking steps to develop tourism, a special priority is given to those who travel with their families. These are, first of all, solid discounts, for example, "2 in 1" - two tickets for a train for the price of one, and, having arrived in Kew Gardens by train, you will receive a 50% discount on entrance tickets.

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