Disney On Ice Discount Codes & Review

The ice show Disney on Ice has been around the world for over thirty years, six groups of artists gathered from around the world are touring on five continents at the same time. Over the years, seven different programs have been created in which the characters of Disney cartoons periodically change. Today, it is the most popular children's ice show in the world, attended by more than 25 million people annually. Get Disney on Ice discount code and enjoy the show with your family and friends at reasonable prices.

We watched the "The Magic World of Ice" program of the Disney on Ice show. This program was created based on Disney cartoons "Little Mermaid," "Rapunzel", "Braveheart" and "Beauty and the Beast." To my shame I want to say that I didn't see all of these cartoons completely, somehow it happened. Of course, I read fairy tales on which these cartoons were shot, but I did not have to see them in full.

The Disney ice show on the ice begins with the program "Magic World on Ice." The ice show lasts about one and a half hours. The presentation was attended by more than eighty artists from around the world, including in the booklet I saw several UK names and surnames of artists. The performance is very bright, the musical composition of the show is well chosen. A little upset that the arena was filled with 60 percent.

But on the ice appeared leading the program Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They will represent other Disney heroes and during the whole show will "weigh out" jokes. We must pay tribute, leading their jokes, jokes, and dances very skillfully wound up the audience. Mickey and Minnie perfectly coped with the role of leading. Artists dressed in recognizable costumes of Disney heroes began to appear on the ice rink. We see Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pinocchio. Various Disney characters change each other in the ice arena. The color background at the stadium changes all the time and charming music sounds. Before us begins to play the plot of the cartoon "Little Mermaid."

And here we see the red-haired mermaid Ariel, the youngest daughter of the almighty underwater king Triton. Ariel is bored in the underwater world, she is drawn to the shipwrecks where she finds various objects used by people. Dancing on ice, clockwork music, the show is in full swing. I saw that the public likes the show.

Two years have passed since I visited this ice show, and I want to say that the performance is simply magnificent and memorable. Bright costumes dressed in all the characters of Disney cartoons, great skating artists, well-chosen music, beautiful lighting effects, just - a great show. I really enjoyed the performance, I got a lot of fun. The chairs are perfectly located on the arena and the visibility of the ice show was excellent. I cannot say anything about the price of the tickets, the tickets were presented to me with my wife and grandchildren. The ice show "Disney on Ice" takes place in many countries and cities in the world, so I can recommend visiting the above show. Get a lot of positive emotions!

I hope next time the show is entirely based on the cartoon cold heart. Therefore, if you go to the show, you should buy something in advance in this category, as there the prices for toys are not very modest! In the performance, there is a place for figure skating, and dance, and gymnastics and acting. All this adds a show of energy and color, presenting famous scenes from cartoons in a new light inherent only in ice productions.

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