Chester Zoo 2 for 1 Discount Codes & Review

Around the world, a huge number of zoos have been created, but only a small part of them is really capable of providing optimal conditions for exotic and rare animal species. One of these institutions is the Chester Zoo. Chester Zoo was founded in 1931 by George Mottershidom and the members of his family. This is one of the largest zoos in the UK, with an area of 125 acres. People visit this place every day to see different animals, and of course at affordable prices using Chester Zoo discount code.

Here you can see more than 400 animal species and 265 plant species. Every year, about one and a half million visitors choose Chester Zoo as the object of study and observation of wildlife. The founder of this zoo was a rather poor man, but from childhood, he had the intention to open a zoo, and this cardinally different from other similar organizations, such as the Manchester zoo, where, according to George's own recollections, the animals were kept in terrible conditions.

It was then that the idea was born that in Chester Zoo, there was a minimum number of fences and trellises, and the animals would be kept in almost natural, usual conditions for them. George had to overcome many obstacles, but ultimately the Chester Zoo was still open, and now it is one of the best such sites, where research is organized at the highest level.

Chester Zoo is a modern version of the zoo, where the maximum gets rid of enclosures, cages, fencing, which inhibit many animals. In order to protect visitors from possible attacks and animals from overly curious tourists, moats or other similar, but as natural as possible obstacles are used. In Chester Zoo, one of the first was the start of mixed exhibitions in which animals of different species that exist together in the wild are represented. In addition to a large number of animals, there is a huge collection of plants, which are also distributed by area based on the conditions of their natural growth.

One of the most important tasks facing Chester Zoo and its employees is to preserve endangered animal and plant species from complete destruction. Thanks to a specially developed program, many young species of endangered species were born here: crowned cranes, Asian elephants, black rhinos, giraffes, zebras, black storks, and many others. Of the additional entertainment, there are a lot of children's playgrounds, mini-golf space, dinosaur mock-ups, equipped with mechanisms that allow you to move, wave your tail, show your teeth and even spit.

For the convenience of visiting and observing animals, an interesting approach to excursion programs is implemented in Chester Zoo: multi-tiered structures are presented, where you can look at the inhabitants from the top, and from the side, and almost from the bottom; webcams are installed if certain animals do not want to appear in front of the general public. A monorail road was laid for especially tired tourists. There is an opportunity to observe the work of veterinarians when inspecting newborns and ill residents or to see how food is prepared for animals in an "open" kitchen.

Of course, all 400 species of animals that inhabit the Chester Zoo are difficult to list. Attracts the attention of all, without exception, tourists that want to see elephants. Their population here is huge, as is the territory for them, and the observation of these smartest animals leaves no one indifferent. Especially for Asian elephants here recreated the conditions of the rain Indian forest. Chester Zoo also boasts Europe's largest orangutan enclosure. One of the most expensive projects Chester Zoo has become a monkey, where the orangutans of the islands of Sumatra and Borneo are represented. The most important evidence that the animals are comfortable in local conditions is the appearance of their offspring and the growth of their population.