airport parking Discount Codes & Review

Motor vehicle parking on the territory of the airport is a very popular service. For passengers who hit the airport for the first time, searching for safe parking may seem like an unrealistic task. Such conclusions often occur before the boarding itself, especially if the passenger has not yet managed to attach his car, and all the parking lots are overcrowded. The Airport parking is the best and if you want to book a parking space for your vehicle, it is recommended that you book at reasonable prices via the Airport Parking discount code.

If you come to the international airport by car to fly away for a few days, meet or accompany someone, you can use the services of a parking complex and not worry about the car. There is a video surveillance system on the territory of the parking lot and employees of the airport aviation security service are on duty around the clock, which ensures a high level of safety of vehicles and property of passengers.

The automated checkpoint is located at a distance of 250 meters from the airport. Special equipment automatically records the time of stay of each vehicle at the airport. With the rules of using the services of the parking, the complex can be found on the information boards at the entrance to the airport.

Entering through the system of barriers, the driver presses the button and receives a one-time parking ticket. The first 15 minutes - the interval required for embarking and disembarking passengers is not paid. Further, the fee is charged according to the approved tariff schedule. The fact of payment is fixed upon departure. To do this, the card obtained at the entrance must be placed in the card reader. The amount to be paid appears on the monitor of the settlement terminal. If the payment is made earlier, the barrier opens automatically.

In order to prevent queues at the airport exit, we recommend paying for parking services in different zones. Parking meters are installed in the airport terminal hall, in the P2 parking lot and at the exit from the barrier. Payment terminals work around the clock. Rental of one parking space for car parking for employees of airlines, employees of organizations renting premises on the territory of the airport complex, and contractors in the parking zone.

Rent of one parking space for car parking for employees of enterprises located on the territory of the airport and not rendering commercial activities in the parking zone. For the convenience of passengers and guests, the Airport has provided for a differentiated parking payment system. Pay for an hour, per day or buy a subscription for a long period - the car owner can choose. Under contracts with airport tour operators, there is a parking discount system for those who use travel packages.

Long-term parking is located a little further from the building of the airport, but also within walking distance. If you stand with your back to the terminal building, this parking will be on the left. You will not need a bus to get to the terminal building - just exit the parking lot, turn left, and the terminal building will be in front of you, less than five minutes' walk.

The car park is located in a three-story building, which is located directly opposite the airport building. It is there that is parking for short and long-term storage. They are designed for 1,820 parking spaces, 400 of which are for rolling machines. The parking lot is connected to the terminal building with a special passage that leads directly to the departure lounge.

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