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The Mousetrap is a detective piece by Agatha Christie, written in 1952. It consists of Consists of two actions. The play was first staged in the West End of London in the same year and continues to this day successfully. In November 2018, a 32-thousandth performance of the play took place, which is an absolute record of the continuity of productions. The play is also famous for its unexpected ending. At the end of each performance, viewers are asked not to tell how it ends. If you want to watch this play at a theater house in London or download it to watch it on your computer, you can buy this at reasonable prices. The only thing you need is to get the Mousetrap discount code.

As far as the plot of the play is concerned, it is amazing. Many people love this plot. Murder is committed in London. The body of the victim, Maureen Lyon, finds a notebook. Police announced on the radio that a murder suspect is wanted: a man in a dark coat, a light scarf, and a felt hat. At the Monkswell Manor Guesthouse, which is owned by the young Ralston couple, Christopher Rehn, Mrs. Boyle, Major Metcalf, and Miss Casewell begin to gather. Because of the snowfall, they find themselves locked in a house and read about the murder in a newspaper. Another guest arrives, Mr. Paravicini, whose car is stuck in the snow. Mrs. Boyle annoys everyone with her manners.

A sergeant Trotter from the police is arriving on a ski trip to the hotel, stating that the killer from London is in the guesthouse. Soon Mrs. Boyle is found murdered. Sergeant Trotter starts an investigation. Suspicion falls on Rena, whose omens are similar to those of the alleged killer, however, it soon turns out that any of those present could be the killer. Suspects are trying to stage a second murder in order to sort it out and try to prevent the third one. Sergeant Trotter gathers everyone in the room, deciding to prepare a trap for the criminal. Suddenly it turns out that the killer is Sergeant Trotter, posing as a policeman and avenging for the death of his brother, Miss Casewell is his sister, and Major Metcalf is a real police detective.

I would put this short play on a par with such works as Ten Little Indians and Killing Roger Acaroid. What they have in common is an unpredictable ending. As always in the works of Agatha Christie, it all starts with a murder. A few suspects in an enclosed space. You suspect everyone, but in the end, you are being run around again and after reading you think: "Well, you must have done something like Grandma Christie again."

A woman was killed in a London house. Suspected man in a dark coat, white scarf, and hat. Meanwhile, in the suburbs of London, one young married couple opens a hotel and is preparing to receive the first visitors. Two seemingly unrelated events, but the address of this particular hotel is recorded in the address book of the person killed. The police are sure that another murder will happen.

This play was staged many times on the stage of the whole world, and it always had and continues to be a resounding success. If you are interested in detectives, especially detectives Agatha Christie's play, I recommend you to read the book and also watch the film version. To be honest, I loved the play because you never know till the end that who is the killer. It is a thrilling play that will leave you thinking for weeks. Indeed, a masterpiece from Agatha Christie.

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