5D Tactical Military Discount - October 2021

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  • Steps to use 5D Tactical Military Discount

    To redeem 5D Tactical Military Discounts, you'll need to show your military ID or verify your military eligibility. This acts as solid proof that you qualify for the Military Deals. Please assured that the verification is secure, instantaneous and real-time. Once customers are verified, your 5D Tactical Military Discount will be applied during the checkout process in-stock or in the online shopping cart. When you are shopping in the 5D Tactical, you just need to select “use Military Discounts” and verify your eligibility. Please note that 5D Tactical Military Discounts can only be used once every seven days, but you'll need a new promo code each time.

  • Methods to get 5D Tactical Military Discount

    To get the 5D Tactical Military Discount, you need to complete the verification form that will require uploading your official government-issued documentation to show your first and last name, branch of service and your current military status. All of the above information will be protected according to the privacy policy. When you finish the verification successfully, 5D Tactical will provide a promo code on-screen and through email for [DISCOUNT] off most items. Please attention, promo code is valid for only one use. 5D Tactical Military Discounts cannot be traded, shared and transferred, and also cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards, credit or toward prior purchases.

  • Conditions for 5D Tactical Military Discount, Here!

    5D Tactical Military Discount is established for eligible military personnel, including Active Duty service members, Reservists, retired or disabled Veterans and their immediate family members. If want to use this discount, military members must provide proof of their service by showing their military ID to the cashier at the checkout. 5D Tactical Military Discounts are only available on in-stock and online purchases of 5D Tactical and may not be combinable with other offers. Customers cannot get 5D Tactical Military Discount on prior orders because 5D Tactical Military Deals are just valid on the day of purchase. 5D Tactical reserves the right to modify or discontinue the terms of coupons at any time.