J.Jill Birthday Discount - October 2021

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  • T&C Policies for applying J.Jill Birthday Discount

    This J.Jill Birthday Discount is only valid on your exact date of birth and is only valid with the purchase of selected products and specified quantity by J.Jill. J.Jill Birthday Discount is valid once on your birthday or within the following 6 days. You must show your valid government issued ID with matching date of birth. This J.Jill Birthday Discounts must be presented before. J.Jill Birthday Discount is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other promotions, offers or discounts. No price adjustments on prior purchases. J.Jill reserves right to exclude other products from discount offering.

  • How should I apply J.Jill Birthday Discount?

    To apply your J.Jill Birthday Discount for an online purchase, enter your J.Jill Birthday Discount code at checkout. To use your J.Jill Birthday Discount for a purchase at the J.Jill retail location, please bring this code with you and provide the discount code along with your email address at checkout. When redeeming in-store, the customer eligible for the J.Jill Birthday Discounts must be present at time of redemption, present a valid government-issued photo ID and email address. The J.Jill Birthday Discount is non-transferable and voidable if transferred prior to redemption and may not be applied to previous purchases or combined with other offers.

  • Tips & Hints to get J.Jill Birthday Discount

    Any J.Jill customer is eligible for participation in the J.Jill Birthday Discount. You will receive notification on your birthday that your free gift has been delivered into your J.Jill account. You are required to have J.Jill account to use your J.Jill Birthday Discounts. You must also be an active J.Jill member (ordered with your J.Jill account within the last 6 months) by the first day of your birthday month, and subscribed to receive email from J.Jill. Your J.Jill Birthday Discount will be good for 14 days.