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Online Vouchers & Voucher Codes

Q: What are online vouchers?

A:Online vouchers are used on the Internet at e-retailers to help consumers receive a discount off a product's list price or your entire order. They are only valid online (not in-store). Compared with hypostatic stores, online ones can offer merchandise at reduced prices, without extra store rental fees or salaries for sales personnel. Due to this, online retailers can painlessly launch promotional campaigns like online vouchers to benefit their customers.

Q: What are voucher codes?

A:Online merchants issue voucher codes that are generally made up of letters, numbers or special characters. A code can be applied to one or more products or services. Shoppers enter the corresponding code on a site's checkout page to obtain a discount on their purchase, such as a percentage off retail price, free delivery, or other promotions. Also Known As: discount code, promotional code, promo code, e-voucher, digital voucher, offer code, special code.

Q: What are stackable voucher codes?

A:Sometimes it is possible to double or even triple savings promotions during an online purchase. A code successfully applied under such circumstances is considered as a stackable voucher code, which means that the code may be used in conjunction with other promotions.

Q: What vouchers does PromoPro UK offer?

A:At PromoPro UK, you can find different voucher types for your specific shopping needs:Voucher Codes - To use these codes, simply copy it from PromoPro UK and use it at checkout on the retailer's site. Printable vouchers & In-store vouchers - Printable vouchers and in-store vouchers are used for hypostatic stores. Print the voucher out and take the copy to use at the store.Free Delivery - No shipping fees for your e-shopping products.Discount Deals - You can get the product price cut, only if you click the links at PromoPro UK. Some online merchants do not offer voucher codes directly on their own web site, but instead will use well-known affiliate programs to offer the discount codes.Using Vouchers on PromoPro UK

Q: How do I search for vouchers?

Q: How do I use the printable vouchers & In-Store vouchers?

Q: Why do some vouchers not work?

A:It is a really hard question. It may be caused by lots of reasons, like: voucher redemption times limited, voucher expires earlier than the expiration date, merchant terminates the voucher without notification. Also, some of our vouchers are submitted by users, and most of them should work well, but unfortunately, some of them don't work. All vouchers can be rated and commented, you can check the votes and comments before using it. We strongly advise you to check the voucher and make sure you have received the discounts before completing the order. PromoPro UK does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy of the vouchers shared by users.

Q: What should I do if I found invalid vouchers?

A:Just vote or comment the voucher as "doesn't work"; Your votes will help other shoppers. Our editorial team also would verify the voucher if it is voted as "doesn't work".

Q: How to vote on a voucher?

A:All vouchers can be rated now; you can find a little thumb-up or thumbs-down underneath the voucher description. Click the thumbs-up button if it's accessible, while if you found that the code doesn't work, do your fellow shoppers a favor and click the thumbs-down button beside. Thus you'll leave a comment automatically.

Q: What about adding a comment?

A:In addition to voting, you can also comment to the offer and tell other shoppers what you found during use, how much you saved, or you may leave a note about the merchant site. That way, PromoPro UK may review them and remind other customers before they use the voucher. You can catch the comments next to the voting buttons underneath each offer.Submitting Vouchers to PromoPro UK

Q: How do I submit a voucher?

A:Use the following ways to submit:

Q: When will I see the voucher I have submitted?

A:We get a lot of submissions every day. All the vouchers will get through until our staff verified. You'll see it if approved, which usually takes a few hours.

Q: How do I remove vouchers from my store?

A:Firstly, as a merchant, you'd better monitor the vouchers/deals listed on our site with customized voucher alerts. Then once you notice some problematic vouchers shared by users for your store, you can contact us directly, and our customer supporter will deal with your difficulty.

Q: Can I submit voucher codes for new stores?

A:Now PromoPro UK does not accept adding new stores by yourself. If you've got a great voucher/deal for a new store, you should contact us first, then supply with detailed information:

Q: How can I increase my sales through PromoPro UK?

A:All vouchers on PromoPro UK can be ranked by the added time and the popularity; your vouchers will rise to the top only if more users vote for you. So the better the offers are, the more eyes your store may attract.Store NameStore URLStore DescriptionTargeted Markets and Demographics InfoHas Affiliate Program or not, if yes, please provide a linkClick here to submit a voucher or click the item of "Submit a Voucher" on the left navigation of our site.Use the "Submit a Voucher" link of your favorite store to share the voucher you've found. Simply choose the promotion type and finish the rest including the description, expiration date, the security code and click "Share My Love".If you have signed in, you can submit a voucher in your community. After a quick review from our staff, the offer will go live on our site.PromoPro UK Subscriptions

Q: Why should I sign up for PromoPro UK Newsletters or voucher alerts?

A:Newsletter is a periodical email with promoting vouchers from PromoPro UK merchants, regularly once a week. It's a great way to get the best vouchers on our site. The emails often feature exclusive vouchers/deals that are only available on PromoPro UK.Voucher Alerts are periodical emails with promoting informaitons of merchants or products you subscribed. If you want to know about the latest voucher/deal of specific stores, you should definitely sign up for our customized voucher alerts. You can monitor when the latest and greatest deals are posted for your favorite stores and even control how frequently we email new vouchers to you. And you can opt out anytimes.

Q: How to sign up for your newsletter and voucher alert?

A:On the right-hand side of all the pages, you can see the box says "PromoPro UK Newsletter", just type in your email address and activate it through the Confirm Email we send.If you like updates for your favorite stores, you can sign up for voucher alerts here. Or you can find "Subscribe Voucher Alert" option under the column of "Tools" beneath Join in tab on the top.

Q: How do I unsubscribe the newsletters or voucher alerts from you?

A:Just click the "unsubscribe" link on the email, see the page prompting that you've successfully cancelled the subscription? You'll not receive the emails any longer.Additional functions provided by PromoPro UK

Q: What is voucher Widget?

A:Don't underestimate this Free small widget, it can enrich your content with displaying the most updated and best vouchers & deals from PromoPro UK for your website.

Q: How can I find you on social media?

A:Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest now to get our latest news and promotions.