Birchbox vs. Glossybox UK 2017

Which is better Glossybox or Birchbox UK?

Birchbox and Glossybox are the monthly subscription boxes that comprises a good stock of beauty products and makeup kits, to endeavour the beauty. The subscription box for beauty and makeup are most prevalent among the females of UK and they are very much crucial to avail only the top quality beauty products for their daily use.

The differentiation among these two boxes can be done on the basis of:


Packaging – it is wrapped in the sense it has serious makeover and emerged as the Birchbag. It is created out of scuba substance and approaches its subject. It can feature “Dive In” or a T type fun trait, which may keep a fan of Birchbox to be engaged with this.

Content – in this box, you can get a wide range of products such as bodycare, haircare, skincare, makeup and more and that too with finest and most reputed brands.

Value for money
– on purchase of first box, you can save up to £2.95 along with free delivery for the 6 month subscription. And for choosing the annual subscription, you can save £100, which is equal to two free boxes.

Birch box


Packaging – due to their awesome girly girl powder pink box, which is not possible to be oppose, they never change their packaging since a long time.

Content – by availing their box, you can see only the limited amount of products that too for the basic beauty needs like detangling hairbrush, beauty sponge, and makeup brush.

Value for money
– by availing their subscription services, you can come to know that their subscription ranges from 1 to 12 months, and they basically aim to make their customer stay for the longer time and hence, they charge less as the time gets extended. If you choose for the longer time subscription, you can only get few pound benefits.


Deals of Birchbox and Glossybox:

Birchbox – aim in shipping surprises on every month to provide the inner and outer joy of beauty. By availing their subscription, you can use it to gift it as a gift purpose also. And for gifting it, you have to enter the recipient name and address and other details, then we’ll deliver it to your recipient’s place as their first box. Comprised of products that are made by 5 best manufacturers, this box will reach your place whenever you want it to. You can also get special preference by them by getting the products added to your box as per your choice that may suit to your beauty profile.

The subscription packages provided by them ranges from 3 months to 12 months, which are:

1 month subscription – £10 (+2.95 service fee)
6 month subscription – £60 (+2.95 service fee)
12 month subscription – £ 110 along with free for 1 month (+2.95 service fee)

Deals of Birchbox

Glossybox – as per the customer’s various requirements, they aim to ship the combination of five beauty products that can give you beauty treat, which comprises emerging, high-end, and niche brands. By availing their beauty products, you can easily get to know that the international professionals that polish the current fashion trend for providing the customer with the beauty products, contained in a reusable souvenir boxes, after the selection of products.

The subscription packages can be varied as per the terms of subscription, which are:

Monthly plan for £10 per box – it consist of 5 magnificence beauty essentials along with monthly billing. It can be getting on the free delivery.
3 months plan for £9.50 per box – by availing this box, you can save up to £1.50 on every box. After receiving this box, you can see that it contains 5 luxury beauty essentials. It is being billed on the quarterly basis of £40. You can get this box delivered at your home with free of cost.
6 month plan for £9 per box – by inheriting this box, you can save up to £5 along with receiving 5 luxury beauty essentials. It is being billed on half yearly basis of £60. You can get this box at your home with free of cost for shipping.
12 month plan for £8.50 per box – by subscribing for this box, you can save up to £18 and can receive 5 luxury beauty essentials. It is being billed on yearly basis of £120 and can be received with free delivery service.

Glossybox box plan