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Circus of horrors is a British 1960 horror film. Download the movie by paying less via the Circus of Horrors discount code. England, 1947 Plastic surgeon Dr. Rossiter is wanted by the police after one of his operations, which led to dire consequences.

He and his two assistants, Angela and Martin, move to France and take a new name for themselves - Shuler. Soon, Rossiter-Schuler gets acquainted with the owner of the circus, Vane, and his daughter, Nicole.

The girl is forever disfigured after one of the countless bombings of the recent war. The doctor does her surgery and Nicole again becomes a beauty. The grateful father makes Shuler co-owner of his circus business, and then soon dies under very strange circumstances, so the surgeon becomes the sole owner of the circus.

For a long time, the circus has been touring successfully in Europe, but Plastic Surgery remains the main hobby of Schuler: everywhere he collects circus performers from the dregs of society, changes their appearance and keeps them under the threat of exposure.

In addition, the doctor meets with ugly girls and offers to make them beauties. All, of course, agree, but the doctor has one condition: they must all remain in his "Temple of Beauty." If someone, having gained attractiveness, wishes to leave Schuler's circus, then very soon this girl is dead under mysterious circumstances. Police are following on the heels of a suspicious circus.

The circus, "starred" in the film, belongs to the entertainer and impresario Billy Smart Jr. At the time of filming, it was the third largest circus in the UK. The owner's logo was not masked, so the BS initials are clearly distinguishable at the circus, although in the final of the film it is definitely called "Shuler's Circus." In the crowd of extras, several true artists of this circus have appeared.

The fundamental feature of this movie is fear, which is realized on the screen by various plot twists, events, images, etc. This emotional element can develop against the background of some fantastic events. Elements of this movie are built on the interaction in the minds of the characters. Features of the second plan (such as emotions and feelings, psychological types, etc.) become important when they come face to face with non-standard situations, often accompanied by almost complete immortality, inhuman actions and intentions.

While the rest of the horror media focuses on fictional events like stylized monster attacks, this movie prefers situations based more on artistic realism. Heroes encounter difficulties known as "adult fears," Which strike at the sense of psychological security and peace of mind of the audience.

For me, this movie aims to create discomfort by parading general or universal emotional weaknesses and fears, such as the hidden parts of human consciousness, which most people suppress or deny. Sharp plot turns are a frequent and common tool. As a rule, the characters struggle with subconscious desires like romantic lust or petty revenge. This movie is easily contrasted with a splatter who focuses on an unnatural, extraterrestrial evil, to which the average viewer does not belong at all.

This film is somewhat different from horror films, where the source of fear is usually something material - creatures, monsters, aliens - as just as in the splatter, which extracts this effect through blood and graphic violence. This movie creates psychological stress due to fears and emotional instability of the characters. Usually plays on the archetypal sense of suspense, created by the dangers encountered in the way of the character. I recommend everyone to watch this movie only if you are a horror movie fan and if you have a strong heart. It is really fearing and full of horror. Also, don't watch it in front of children.

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